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Whole Grain Cookies


On subsequent ingredients; wheat flour, vegetable oil, egg, beet sugar, salt, baking powder, by type; weplay with the tastes by using mastic gum, orange, cocoa, sesame, cinnamon, mahaleb, vanilla.

Allergen Warning: Egg,sesame, mahaleb.

Barcode: 8683143849624

Business Registration Number: 35-K-00330062

Per package (net): 125 gr Box volume: 12-18 pieces

Delivery: EXW (Ex Works)

Delivery Time: 20 Days

Pricing: Per end piece Approx. 0.87-0.93 US Dolars.

Nutritional Facts: Per100g Calories (kJ/kcal) 276 Fat (g) 3,28 Carbohydrate (g) 8,4 Sugar (g) 3,48 Fibre (g) 0,2 Protein (g) 0,83 Sodium (mg) 69 Cholesterol (g) 4 Potassium (g) 11

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