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About Us

Güncelleme tarihi: 22 Şub 2023

To contribute to human health and enhance the quality of life, we have started to produce tasty cookies in two brands. Our gluten free brand ALL GOURMET and whole grain brand HELALBE focus on healthy, delicious and nutritious cookies since 2018. Our strength is based on our endless research and ancient cuisine culture.

We are able to customize your gluten free and whole grain cookies on your demand. We always take careof using natural and unprocessed materials in our products and stay away from additives and preservatives that are abundant in industrial snacks.

We choose the nutrients and foodstuffs their high-quality counterparts. With the awareness that taste is also important, especially in the snack sector, we are always in search of new flavors.

In our taste experiments, we strive to combine both different cultures and trends abroad and the tastes of the ancient culinary tradition of our own geography.

We have created a gluten-free product range that is in serious demand by corporate companies and conscious individuals. Food safety, quality management, halal certifications, delivery time and value based pricing are our pillars.

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